Vicky Jeudy

Vicky Jeudy is best known for her breakout role on the American comedy-drama hit series, Orange Is the New Black as Janae Watson, a former high school track star, who after one wrong turn becomes an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary.

Vicky got her start in the entertainment world competing in beauty pageants. She was a top 25 Semifinalist in the Miss NY USA competition, where she took home the title of Miss Photogenic. After gaining her BA in theatre studies, her interest shifted from pageants to acting. Vicky landed her first few roles in small independent films. Through these projects she learned that her emotionally nuanced performances, coupled with her professionalism, would create fast opportunities for her future as an artist.

Born and raised in Queens, New York and of Haitian descent, Vicky is an activist at heart. Vicky believes that as an artist, she should express her world views through each of her character portrayals.

Vicky is an avid reader in holistic health and when not on set, can be seen empowering the youth in her urban community. Vicky keeps physically fit and in her free time is a certified kick boxing and aerobics instructor.

DATE November 23, 2014 CATEGORY